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This site that has been planned for a very long fucking time and it is finally here! I have always been turned on by seeing guys pissing and especially guys with uncut cocks pissing!

Probably all those late night parties drinking beer and needing to take a piss! As my buddy says, "Dude you don't buy beer - you rent it!" Most of the time I would just go outside to pee and usually find that there were 2 or 3 other guys doing the same thing! Just whip out your cock and let the pee flow! We would all piss together and it was no big deal!

I also really get turned on by Latin guys so it was only natural that I combine my 2 passions and that's how I came up with the idea for this site! I knew that I couldn't be the only guy who was turned on my watching other guys piss...hey, I am bi and really love the ladies but I also get off sneaking a peak in the locker room when I am standing next to a dude taking a piss after a workout.

It's such a fucking turn on to see that piss flowing out of his cock! In the park when I have to pee and there's no one around...sometimes I get so fucking turned on I have to finish by jerking off and busting a nut!

The shoots show these hot models pissing on video for the very first time! They piss on themselves, and on each other in hot action shoots! Our models are the real thing. They are all amateurs recruited to model for the site. The vast majority of them are straight and most of them have never pissed on themselves (or anyone else) before so you get to witness the first time!

But all of them get so turned on that they have to jerk off so you not only get to see them pissing but you also get to see each and everyone of these amazing young guys bust his nut and empty his balls when he shoots his fucking load of cum!

I designed and developed this site because there is nothing like it out there! I like to watch hot guys pissing but I don't get into the dark "fetish" side of the whole thing. So I decided to make it myself! I hope that you will enjoy it and get off on it by becoming a member today!

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ALL models are 18 years of age or older at time of shooting!
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