I am glad you are taking the time to read about this new site and it's affiliate program! We have just launched this new site of 100% original and exclusive custom shot content that we are sure you will be excited to start promoting! The site is called Latin Piss ( LatinPiss.com ) and features the same type of hot young Latinos that has made the Miami Boyz site so popular, but with a twist as the site name clearly states - they all are shown pissing from those thick uncut cocks!
This site appeals to the surfer who enjoys young Latinos with uncut cocks but goes 1 step further. The shoots all feature or are centered around pissing BUT we are doing it totally differently than most sites, have done it. We are not doing it in a dark back room or dimly lit alley – no – we are bringing it out and into the light! Of course, don't forget that there has NEVER BEEN a pissing themed site like this one - featuring young first time amateur Latino models!
We know that there are plenty of guys who find pissing and piss play HOT but are turned off by the way the scene is typically shown as dark and dirty. We are making it light and fun with a playful edge that has never been seen before and that makes it very different but still fucking HOT! Think about it – where do most gay males see their first cock? In the men’s room and what is it doing? Pissing...it’s just natural that pissing should have an element of eroticism to most guys when it is not associated with leather and whips as it typically is!
A lot of guys discovered their sexuality in college...often times sharing a bathroom or communal shower with other guys where they saw plenty of guys pissing and of course, were turned on seeing those pissing cocks. Perhaps they never wanted to be pissed on but most certainly they have fond erotic memories and they can relive them here at Latin Piss!
Just take the tour to see how we are presenting the models and the overall “feel” of the site. The site will appeal to fans of Miami Boyz certainly who want to see the boyz in even more intimate settings and of course ALL the shoots always end with the all important money shot and show the model cum!
This site is using Verotel (as well as many other fine sites such as Bentleyrace.com who also use Verotel) for billing since CCBill doesn’t allow models pissing on each other (just solo pissing) but you probably already have an affiliate account with Verotel so you can easily add our new site. We offer 50% of the sale and all recurring rebilling for life! If you are NOT already signed up it’s easy to do so and start marketing Latin Piss today!


Site name:  Latin Piss.com
Affiliate info and signup page:  Link



Main Tour Video Showing Multiple Models:  Video
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MODEL:  MARTIN - 18, 145, 5' 09", 9" Uncut / Pees 2 Times and Cums!

Martin is our favorite type of model, he's perfectly comfortable in front of the camera. It comes from him being completely comfortable with himself and that's so fuckin sexy! He's got amazing caramel colored skin that seems to glow when he gets wet with his own piss! He's also got quite a piece of meat between his legs! Perfect uncut cock with tons of foreskin and shoots an amazing stream of piss! What could be hotter than watching this str8 young Latino pissing and then working over that thick uncut cock until he busts his nut and shoots that hot load of cum!

Model's video: LINK

Model's Still Photos/Bio Zip File:  LINK


Give the site a try even if you don't think your traffic is necessarily into piss. Remember that we are focusing specifically on young Latinos with uncut cocks so if they are into that you might be surprised that they actually love seeing those guys pissing!

Let me know if I can answer any questions or assist you in any way! Once you sign up I will email you with more material to really promote the site! Of course, we will have an extensive affiliates section with banners, videos, and other promo materials up for you very soon.

This is just the beginning - Thank you and welcome to the program!