Uncut Latin Amateurs pee and piss for your viewing pleasure



This is a website that a lot of surfers have been looking for and waiting for a long time. Well, it is finally here! A site that features pissing but is not some hard-core, bondage site with pissing now and then as an afterthought. No, this is a site that features regular athletic good looking young Latinos pissing! Not some hairy old bears pissing in a dark alley way!

Our site appeals to a group who have not had a place to get what really turns them on. Sure, there are other pissing sites BUT they are usually all over the place with inconsistent content in both theme and quality. Our site appeals to guys who just like piss without the dark fetish scene that is usually associated with it - well no longer!

We do it right! We are shoot our own content so we control the quality! We work with only the best people and exclusive models for top notch content that is consistent so the member who signs up stays a member and rebills month after month after month because they know we deliver! So you make money month after month after month!


Q:  Why should I promote this site?
As we have said, we are unique and have been missing in this niche market. If you send traffic that has an interest in pissing or "watersports", young Latin men, str8 boyz, uncut cocks, and kink our site will appeal to them and they will buy! We have a broader appeal than most sites because we do offer content with all those categories covered!

 Q:  Is this site fully 2257 compliant?
Yes, this is perfectly legal content. We have been producing award winning and profitable adult entertainment sites for over 18 years so we know what we are doing. As with all adult work all Latin Piss models are 18 or older at time of production with government issued IDs to prove it - Always! Period! No Exceptions - EVER!

 Q:  Ok - I am interested. How do I make money?
That is always the question and the answer is simple! You put up our banners, make blog entries, post our promo videos. The more traffic you send, the more your conversion will be! Promote LatinPiss.com on all of your sites and watch the money roll in.

 Q:  How much can I make?  
The more traffic you send the more your conversion rate from that traffic. You make 50% of all sales PLUS 50% of all recurring rebills for that sale for life! So you can see it can add up quickly. Our content sells and our members like it - they rebill! We provide the quality product and you make 1/2 of the sale right along with us! We value our affiliates!

Q:  How long do the tracking cookies last?  
Tracking cookies are set at 30 full days. So once you send someone to our site you will get the credit for the sale if they signup at anytime in that full month long period - not 3 days like some site. You sent the traffic and you deserve the sale - we make sure you get it!

 Q:  How do I get started? What do I do?
Well, if you are not already signed up as an affiliate with Verotel you need to do that first. If you are already an affiliate for other sites who use Verotel then you simply add our program and sales you make will be added to your check!


Our affiliate manager will send out a weekly email newsletter with promo material for you. It will have a zip file with a description of the scene, a video clip, and a good selection of still photos. You simply add these to your sites and blogs with your affiliate link.

If you have other questions PLEASE contact me and I will personally assist you getting started! Also if you require or would like any special content, or promotional materials I am happy to provide that to you!

I want you to make money!
The bottom line is you are helping us!


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ALL models are 18 years of age or older at time of shooting!
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