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** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Do the videos have sex between models or are they just solo?
The videos feature amateur models and for most of them it is the first time they have pissed on themselves so you get to see them solo pissing and cum! We also get models who find out they enjoy piss play and are willing to be shot on video being pissed on and having hot sex with another model!

This 18 year old never pissed on himself until today - see his first time!

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Do the videos work on a PC and Mac computer? What about tablets?
The videos can be played on both computers. Your computer should have the most updated version of the browser of your choice to assure compatibility. They have been tested with Internet Explorer, Goggle Chrome, FireFox, and Opera. It is always a good idea to use the latest version of a browser simply to keep your computer safe from security issues. The videos look great on Safari on your Mac, iPad, or iPhone!

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **What are the formats and sizes of your videos?
The video are presented in a number of sizes so you can choose the best one for the speed of your internet connection! We offer MP4 format videos in 3 sizes: 1280 X 720 HD, 960 X 540, and 640 X 360. These will stream to your computer, simply click on the link for the video size that is best for you! We also offer WMV format for downloading.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Do you have photos or just videos?
We offer BOTH: HD Video and HD Photos! The photos can be viewed online for a hands free slide show experience! They can also be downloaded to keep in a convenient zip file all at once. We want to make it easy for you to enjoy the site!

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Can I download the videos to keep on my computer?
YES - as part of the privileges of being a Latin Piss member you get to download and keep the videos forever! We do not use DRM and never will - we believe that as a member you deserve to keep the video for your personal use. We do ask that you please keep them for yourself - after all you paid for the membership and the small fee we charge is used to keep the site going for you to enjoy month after month!

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **What about the photos? How big are those and can I keep them?
YES- you can download ALL of the photos as well. In fact, we provide them in a convenient zip file so you can download them all at once! We always think of our members first! They are big too with 1300 X 870 so you can see all of the clear HD details.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **What if I have a problem and I need technical support?
Our technical support representatives monitor emails 24/7 and will be happy to answer your questions and to solve any problem you might have. Email Technical Support

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Can I contact the webmaster if I have a question or comment?
Of course! I want your feedback and comments! My goal is to make you happy with the BEST possible website devoted to my two favorite things that get me off - Latinos and Piss! Feel free to contact me at any time! Email Webmaster


** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **What will it say on my credit card statement?
Our billing company is Verotel. They are one of the largest, oldest (over 15 years in business), and most respected billing companies for online websites like ours. Your billing information is confidential and always secure. They take security, discretion and privacy very seriously and so do we!

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **So my statement will NOT say "Latin Piss" on it - right?
No it will not. The charge will be listed as "Verotel -". You will never see the site name on your statement so do not worry. We take discretion and online privacy very very seriously!

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **What if I have a problem with my membership or need to cancel?
If you have a problem you can always contact tech support here at the site. If you need to look up your member info or cancel it you can manage all of that yourself easily and quickly here at this link:

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Remember that you come first!
I want you to be a member of the site. I have made a site that I would want to join and I have very high standards! Unlike some site who leave you feeling ripped off I know that without you I could not keep it going, nor would I want to! I enjoy producing a quality site that you will enjoy and want to be a member of for years to come! I want your feedback and comments! My goal is to make you happy with the BEST possible website devoted to my two favorite things that get me off - Latinos and Piss!

Feel free to contact me at any time!
Email Webmaster


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